Darren’s workshop uses recycled timber from time to time. Darren shows you how to remove nails from timber with a metal detector. Carbotech sell these online or from many woodworking stores carbotech sell one. It’s very simple to use down this ends the handle and you scan it over the surface. Sensitivity adjustment so as we come down here it will detect metal from further away. The detector will pick up the screws in the workbench. Let’s find one with a nail in it this one has a nail okay and there’s a nail i mean this one this one we can see it’s pretty obvious but there it is so i’m just going to put a little mark around that. This is a 42 millimeter thick piece of timber the brad is 15 millimeters long it’s been driven on below the surface by about two millimeters. Once you’ve located your offending nails it’s time to remove them and there’s a few different ways you can do that. A pair of pins is an easy way to straighten a nail. You need some wood either end because you’re going to use that as your fulcrum. This levers the whole thing out with the tip of the pincers acting as a pivot point. Metal detector is something absolutely well worth having if you’re using recycled timber. Great way to look after your equipment is to have a metal detector. If you find timber in bulk collections or as i did when a building was demolished and i took some of the roofing beams.

Video: Darren’s Workshop