A metal detector is a device that detects the presence of metal nearby. Metal detectors are often used for locating metallic objects buried underground, such as treasure or scrap metal. For example, if you live close to the beach and want to find gold in your garden, you need a good metal detector.

Metal Detectors That Can Find Gold

Most metal detectors (except those used on beaches) can find gold. However, if you want to find large quantities of gold, you will need a costly metal detector designed to detect gold.

Two types of gold detectors are specially designed to find gold.

1) Very Low Frequency (VLF)

2) Pulse Induction (PI)

PI (Pulse induction)

A PI metal detector is an excellent choice for finding gold. The PI metal detectors are used in the field to locate gold nuggets and large amounts of gold. Examples of PI metal detectors are the Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector, the Garrett Ace 250C Metal Detector, and the Stolberg Ranger Gold Metal Detector.

The Stolberg Ranger Gold Metal Detector is a PI metal detector that can detect gold in various types of soil and ground conditions. 

VLF detector

If you are looking for a metal detector that will find gold when placed at the beach, consider the Garrett AT MAX Waterproof Metal Detector. Water is very harmful to most metal detectors, but this metal detector can be placed in water up to one meter in depth.

This metal detector’s VLF (very low frequency) feature is ideal for beach use because it can detect valuable objects in shallow water buried deep under the sand.

Metal Detectors That Can Find Gold:

The following metal detectors can find gold:

VLF metal detector:

PI (Pulse Induction) metal detector:

Reasons Behind All Detectors that Can’t Find gold:

Metal detectors are creating magnetic fields through which hidden objects are found. The signals which you are getting from the metal detector can depend on many things:

1) The depth of the object

2) The size of the object

3) Type of ground and soil

4) The conductivity of hidden materials

5) The frequency of the detector

These are the main reasons why all metal detectors can’t be able to find gold. The lower frequency detectors are not good for finding gold because of their low conductivity and gold size. Therefore, the detectors with high frequency are the best because they can find a smaller material more accurately.

How Does a Gold Metal Detector Work?

A metal detector works by scanning for a set of pre-defined characteristics of metal within a specified depth range around the device. A pulsing sound signal is emitted from the metal detection device and will be reflected from any metal piece above the threshold pre-determined depths. A controller then detects these signals from across a wide area and measures the time it takes for the signals to reach its receiver. Any signal that has taken longer to reach the receiver than the other signals is assumed to be caused by a metal object. Some detectors may also consider the strength of the signal, which can indicate if it is closer or further than other signals. The detector can assemble an image of any objects within its detection range by processing these raw signals. This image can be displayed on the detector’s control panel giving basic information about the location of all metal objects.

Along with this, some detectors can separate objects that are buried underground. This ability can help you find objects lying at different depths, whereas other detectors are not capable of doing this.

The Items That Metal Detectors do Not Detect:

The metal detectors work on electromagnetic fields. It creates a signal by which you can find any metal. But there are many items which you can’t find out through detectors. One of the main item which is very hard to find that is stainless steel. There is a reason why this item is not easily detected because it has a low magnetic permeability that means it can create any solid signal to find out. Some other items that metal detectors cannot find are bone, pearls, diamonds, gemstones, stone figures, and paper. 

Can Airport Scanners Detect Gold:

Yes, it definitely can. Airport security scanners are proper metal detectors that can quickly detect your gold. They can detect gold metals such as gold rings, coins, jewelry, nose pins, earrings, and bangles. 

Where Do I Look for Gold?

Gold is generally found buried underground. If you are looking for gold, then consider these places:

1) Old prospector holes near streams, rivers, or beaches.

2) Alongcuts around hills where there are streams, rivers, or old gold veins.

3) Check under rocks in local quarries, dams, bridges, and old mines.

Yellow metal detector tips:

1) Use the filter on your metal detector.

2) Try not to look directly at the targets.

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Finding gold is not an easy task, but it is possible with the right metal detector. If you own a PI detector and live in a place where gold nuggets are lying around, you will need to invest in a VLF metal detector to find that gold buried underwater. The accuracy of your find depends on the quality of your metal detector. The Garrett metal detectors are highly recommended because they come with different features, making it easier for treasure hunters to find what they want.