Many people continue to look for hobbies when they reach retirement age. One such particular hobby that has been growing in popularity is metal detecting. It is a perfect hobby for senior citizens because it does not involve any strenuous physical activity. It can be done just about anywhere and does not require an expensive initial investment like golf equipment, or membership fees, or the need for a specific type of clothing like ski boots.

Many people are surprised to find that there are many benefits to metal detecting as a hobby. It is mentally stimulating aside from the fact that it does not require an expensive investment and is not time-consuming.

Important Things to Consider When Senior Citizens Start Metal Detecting

Determine the type of metal detectors that can be used. Do not allow seniors to buy a detector that uses excessive amounts of power. Senior citizens should not walk around with batteries that are not fully charged. Metal detectors are helpful in detecting small metal items as it uses sound waves to detect metallic objects. It is recommended that seniors wear comfortable and protective clothing when using a metal detector.

Metal detecting needs to be done in an organized manner so that there is less chance of missing valuable artifacts. The individuals need to be aware of metal detecting regulations when they visit any land containing archaeological sites. When doing metal detecting for the first time, they need to watch out for areas containing buried artifacts, such as old roads, overgrown fields and wooded areas.

People who are new to metal detecting should also read about legal and ethical issues concerning metal detecting. To avoid getting into trouble with local authorities, they must understand the laws regarding short-term or long-term storage.

Older citizens need to be aware of specific places where they shouldn’t work on searching metals. The government tightly regulates some areas due to historical significance. These include national parks, archaeological sites, and historic landmarks or homes that have been established between the 1800s and 1950s.

The Benefits of Metal Detecting for Senior Citizens

1. It is an inexpensive hobby; the detector itself can be purchased for as little as $40, and it does not require any additional equipment, membership fees or fancy clothing.

2. It is a fun activity that will help senior citizens become more physically active and improve their mental health at the same time.

3. Since most metal detectors are handheld, they can be carried around while detecting and can be used in any convenient location.

4. It is a great way to meet new people and make friends.

5. Metal detectors help you learn more about history, geography and science.

6. Once you have identified the object you are searching for, it requires meticulous examination and can take time before the object is completely delved.

7. Metals can be traded into and out of a local club or garage sale for a fraction of the value, making them an exciting trading option, especially for safe-keeping or gifting it to others.

8. Metal detecting is also an excellent exercise for people who love to walk long distances.

How to Make Metal Detecting a More Enjoyable Hobby for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens can learn how to do metal detecting by reading books. Many books are written about this subject so it is better to start with the one that can provide relevant information. One of the most informative books on metal detecting has been written by a man named David MacKinnon. It has been reported in an informative manner so that people can understand it well.  The book is available on and is entitled: “Metal Detecting for the Newcomer.”

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Metal detecting is a challenging and fun hobby. It also helps senior citizens to work on their movements and socialize with other people. It is best to start learning about it by reading all the sources available.