In the aftermath of a flood or hurricane, metal detecting can be a big part of the cleanup. In some cases, people may uncover buried treasure or valuables that cannot be found in the original location. However, in most areas, it is important to know what to expect and prepare appropriately before heading out for any treasure hunting adventures. It is also important to understand how to protect yourself and not dispose of any metals or objects responsibly so that you are not harming anyone during your time on site.

Role of Hurricanes in Finding a Treasure

Metal Detecting can be used after hurricanes when a storm surges to 12 feet. This helps to wash the surface of the land and expose the objects beneath deep waters. Major cities like New York Harbor have been monitoring areas such as Staten Island, where a ship full of valuables was found at a depth of 68 feet below sea level. Another story worth mentioning is a sunken ship that came to the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

$52 million worth of gold coins, jewels, artwork, and jewellery was discovered after Hurricane Sandy in 2012. A Long Island storm sewer uncovered over $200 million worth of gold bars during Hurricane Sandy. These were found after just one storm. It was a swift recovery for valuables lost during a disaster.

Metal Detecting After Hurricane Harvey

During Hurricane Harvey, many treasure hunters were out on the ground scanning metal detecting equipment for anything of value that may have been buried. This included searching through every inch of land that had been flooded. Majority of objects buried underwater survived long enough to be discovered. All of these objects recovered by treasure hunters included a high percentage of items with inscriptions or markings, which helped determine their origin.

Cost estimations of over $2 billion in missing business records were destroyed in the Greater Houston Area alone. Many of those were tax documents. There have been numerous stories about people finding some $100 bills floating around after the storm. They said they found them in different places; one person even found a wad of change under a tree near his home.

Things That Can Be Found After Hurricanes

With the help of modern technology and metal detecting, it’s been shown that there are many things that can be discovered after hurricanes. and other similar disasters. Not only will you recover valuable personal property like jewelry and cash, but in many cases, you’ll also find historical artifacts.  This can often lead to a deeper understanding of the area you live in and the people who had passed long ago.

How to Detect Metal After a Hurricane?

The first thing to do is carefully review the images, articles, and videos from the outcome of a natural disaster. See what types of valuables can be found in areas affected by these storms. Consider that objects buried underground are more likely to survive a hurricane than those buried above ground for many reasons. This includes protecting them from raging waters, floating debris, and possible erosion, which can happen as fast as storm waters recede.

Basic Things Required to Start Metal Detecting.

Invest in a metal detector that offers at least 40 kHz; this is the optimum range for detecting metals, especially after a natural disaster. Also, make sure to check whether it has vibration suppression (which is becoming more common) if you plan on hunting during storms.

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Hurricanes are the most popular reason for people to commence metal detecting. It’s a great way to enjoy and make it a hobby and a tremendous learning experience. If you already have metal detecting equipment, you just need to know what you’ll be dealing with when conducting a search.